LA, I love you

at the bus stop

Whenever I’m coming into the city I feel like I’m going on an adventure. It also feels like coming home in a way. I’m home in the big city of Los Angeles, even though I grew up in the suburbs. I come from urban sprawl. I come from a city about 20 miles from LA in LA County. I’m an LA County kid at heart as opposed to being from the Inland Empire or Orange County. It’s not like that really means anything, but it might if you’re from around here.

As a kid, I would love it when I would get to go into the big city. Downtown has always been a favorite area of mine, for better or for worse. Sometimes my dad would take me into the big city with him when he needed to go to the LA Law Library or the court house. A few times I went with my mom and her family. Sometimes we would all go as one family. One of my favorite memories was going to Olvera Street with my mom, aunts, cousins and grandma on my mom’s side.

Last Wednesday I went by myself into Union Station by Metro and explored the city a little. I actually explored it more than I intended to because my phone ran out of battery three times. I don’t know my way around well enough without Google Maps and it’s a good idea to have a working phone, so I had to stop to charge it at two different Starbucks and an Italian restaurant. It was a little scary being just slightly lost in the Fashion District. That’s when I found the Italian restaurant. I got to see The Last Bookstore that day and take a bus to Santa Monica to see my guy so it all worked out.

book tunnel

My grandma hadn’t been to Olvera Street since that time we went when I was about 10 years old, until yesterday that is. My aunt and uncle spontaneously decided that they would take their moms to LA via Metro and I hopped along for the ride. My aunt and uncle got on in Rancho, I got on in Covina and the grandmas got on in Baldwin Park. It was quite an adventure!

restaurant at Union

cielito lindo


Wherever you live, I hope you love it too. If someone says they’re going on a spontaneous adventure and you’re not doing anything, why not hop along for the ride?

3 thoughts on “LA, I love you

  1. I LOVE the Last Bookstore. Such a magical place. I’d really like to explore more of DTLA. The whole area near Union Station looks really neat – I’ve driven by that market in the past two pictures but never stopped to check it out. (There’s no parking!!)

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