Cool People: Sophia Cox

Sophia Cox

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job, but Sophia Cox manages to take care of her kiddos and run a business. I’m always impressed by ladies like that. Sophia’s Etsy shop includes custom family portraits and adorable drawings of animals. She also recently teamed up with the clothing line Indie Nook. I’m glad she dad time to answer my questions so I could share them with all of you!

What is your primary occupation? Please describe what you do on an average working day.
My primary occupation is  being a SAHM, 90% of my day is just kiddos, cleaning and cooking haha, I try to fit my work into that last 10 percent of time left in the day if I don’t fall asleep first! I do most of my work during my 1 year old’s morning nap or after she goes to bed.

The Cox family
Sophia and her family

I read in your Etsy bio that your degree is in fashion design, but  you realized that wasn’t what you wanted to do with your life and now you are doing fashion illustration. What was it like to make that transition?
During school I fell in love with garment design and sewing. I loved creating a piece of clothing from my own drawing, I entered local fashion shows, and even won scholarships for my work. My internships involved pattern design and development as well as illustration and sewing. I thrived on the deadlines and loved seeing each new collection walk down the runway. In my last year of school I had a decision to make, I wanted to expand my family and have a second baby, but I also wanted to get a job in my industry which would be very demanding. It was at that time that my family and I picked up and moved to Colorado from Kansas, and I finished my last semester of college online. I even did my final internship for myself, and that is where Paper Whimsy (originally amore amuse) was born! I realized that I wanted to use my fashion illustration background to create artwork for people, and I was really shocked to discover that people actually wanted to own my pieces! I still love to sew and create for my family and friends, but painting is where my real love is.

How long have you been doing fashion illustration?
My very first college class in 2009 was fashion illustration, I decided to take it because I fell in love with the artwork my friend had created in that class. From day one I was hooked, I knew it was what I was meant to do.

What accomplishment are you most proud or, whether it be professionally or otherwise?
I would have to say, as silly as it may sound, my most proud moment is every single time I sell a portrait. The feeling I get knowing that someone made the commitment to purchase MY art for their family is the best feeling in the world. It really never gets old.

What do you do when you’re in need of inspiration? Does that change when you’re running close to a deadline?
I do spend a lot of time on Pinterest when I am in need of inspiration, I also browse Etsy a lot. I have found a lot of other amazing artists thanks to Instagram and I love checking out everyones different Etsy shops, just to get my creative juices flowing! finding inspiration is definitely different when I am on a deadline, but since I tend to be a procrastinator I honestly sometimes feel more inspired when I am in a hurry to finish something. Maybe it is just that rush that pushes me to be my best, also coffee, lots of coffee. Haha!

Sophia's girls
Sophia’s girls Summer and Penelope

Tell me about some cool people in your life who inspire you on a regular basis.
My mother and my aunt are both amazing artists, I grew up surrounded by these incredible paintings and drawings. They both paint very realistic portraits and scenery in oils and acrylics, and as a child I always thought I would do the same, but I could never quite create what I wanted with those mediums. It wasn’t until my second year of fashion illustration that I found watercolors, and I have never looked back! I am also constantly inspired by my family, my husband is a web designer and he is constantly pushing me to be better and try new things. My oldest daughter also inspires me daily, she is only 6 years old but I am constantly blown away by her artistic talent.

What is your favorite thing about your everyday life?
Oh that is a tough one! right now my favorite part of my life is my children, I have a 6 year old little girl named Summer and an almost 1 year old (her birthday is this Saturday the 8th!) named Penelope. watching their relationship blossom has been the most rewarding and beautiful thing I have ever experienced. They are also a huge handful though and I have to say my second favorite thing is when the stars align and penny is napping and the house is semi clean and I have no errands to run, so I can sit at my desk and finally get some work done! these times are seriously few and far behind unfortunately, since Penelope has a mind of her own and a pretty crazy nap schedule!

Check out Sophia’s Etsy shop Paper Whimsy over here.

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