Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift guide

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Have you ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, I think one of the ways I like to show love is by giving gifts. I actually like giving gifts more than I enjoy getting them. There’s something special about picking something out that will be just perfect for a loved one. It can be even better if the gift is homemade.

Since I enjoy gifting, I like looking at gift guides too, although I don’t think I have ever bought something from one. I often find the items are too expensive for my budget. For that reason, I decided to put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for cheap folk like myself. These items could be great for a girl or a guy. They’re approved by my guy, who isn’t a super manly man and therefore wouldn’t like a lot of the things I’ve been seeing in gift guides.

Strawberry Crush
I gave my boy a Strawberry Crush not long after we started dating because I knew he liked them. A year later, he gave me one at a Valentine’s Day party. It’s a cute gesture for a crush or long time love.

Love Poems by Pablo Neruda
So romantic!

Oaxacan Sampler by Taza Chocolate
The reviews I read on Amazon say it makes great hot chocolate. The texture is gritty, so it’s not that great eaten plain. Someone I know may or may not be getting this.

I Love You Mug on Etsy
Cute! Good for morning coffee, afternoon tea, nighttime hot chocolate, etc. I love hot drinks!

Netflix or Hulu subscription
My guy and I watch either Netflix or Hulu practically every time we’re together. We like being lazy homebodies.

Massage bars from Lush
This Close To You bar looks cute! However, Wiccy Magic Muscles is my tried and true favorite.

For music lovers with particular taste, a gift certificate to a favorite record store always works. (Rhino Records and Amoeba are good California shops.)

Of course, you could always go with the old mix CD. It’s practically free and looks very thoughtful. Making your own album art with my DIY tips will add the extra touch.

XX Erin

2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift guide

    1. Hi Helen Grace!

      Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I enjoyed reading your posts too, especially because you’re living in Southern California like me and I like seeing your photos from the area. I should have my Liebster Award post up tomorrow.

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