Childhood best friend

Best friends

On Wednesday I finally had the chance to hang out with my childhood best friend. I don’t think we had hung out since like October. We finally gave each other Christmas gifts. Ridiculousness.

This girl, Daniela, has been my friend since fourth grade. Now we’re five years out of high school. I won’t make you do the math because that’s annoying. It’s been 15 years. Wait. Is that even possible? I suck at math. Well, I’m 22, almost 23. We probably met when we were 8 then. I knew it had been more than half our lives but jeez!

Oh my goodness. I’m getting old. Everyone is getting old! This is crazy! It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since high school, but then again sometimes it feels like more. So much has happened since then.

I’m glad that I’ve always had Daniela by my side for years. Sometimes we don’t see each other for a month or two even though we live in the same city. We don’t talk on the phone that often, but when we do we talk for at least an hour. Her family is like a second family to me and she is like another sister. For that, I am so, so glad.

I was one of the first guests at a party of hers in elementary school when it seemed like no one would show. I learned how to dance from her family parties. I learned what tamales were the day her mom brought some to a We had a crush on one of the same guys in high school, but thankfully we didn’t have to fight over him because he didn’t like either of us. Thanks to her, I had a date to prom. A guy asked her and she referred him to me because I had said I wanted a date. Silly.

It’s almost funny that we became friends and are able to stay close friends because in many ways we’re opposites. I guess opposites attract. She’s always been the more daring, outgoing one and I’ve always been the more reserved, quiet one. I think that’s good in a friendship though. Then you have someone to ask advice, teach you stuff and go on adventures with who isn’t just almost a clone of you. That keeps life interesting.

We promised each other we’ll start running together soon and maybe we’ll start some crafty projects together too. Neither of us have cars (I know, lame-0s), but our houses are sort of within walking distance of each other. Maybe I’ll take more pics next time we’re together so I can practice taking pictures of humans and not just flowers and dogs.

I meant to take some pictures of us with my Cannon, but I forgot, even though I was lugging it around in my Mary Poppins sized purse. Instead I just took the one above for Instagram. We also took the one at a sign in front of our elementary school, but it was  an epic fail.

I thought about including a throwback, so I looked at my Facebook and found one from my high school graduation party. We look so little! Those were the awkward years. Ha! I can be vain. But then I looked on her Facebook and found this cute one from circa 2010. We were babies! I want to dig up some from our elementary or junior high days for Instagram soon.

friendsies and le dog

Yay for friends standing the test of time!

P.S. Does this still count as a Throwback Thursday since I haven’t gone to sleep yet? No? Well, happy Flashback Friday then!

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