Grey, yellow and white

Although I don’t do fashion posts on the daily here, I was inspired to make one today. And it all started with the colors grey, yellow and white.

Inspirations can strike in all kinds of places. I was in a coffee shop in Burbank on Wednesday and the decor was giving me so many ideas!

The outside of the building was the first thing that drew me in. A sign on the outside read Commissary in capital letters. name and the typeface drew me in. Not to mention I was hungry after a long trip and had time to kill before an interview across the street. The place was perfect. I wasn’t surprised later when I looked up Commissary coffee and found out it was listed as one of the best places for screenwriters in the Hollywood Reporter.

I’ll have to go more in depth about Commissary in another post. It was that good! What led me to this particular fashion inspiration, however, was the floor, of all things. A yellow, grey and white chevron tile pattern beneath my feet caused me to think about what a great outfit that would make. At first I was just thinking about how the colors are so often used for unisex baby stuff. Someone I know (not me!) is having a baby, so I’ve got baby on the mind. These colors are great any time though, especially because yellow is a sunshine-y hue that helps with creativity.

One thing led to another and I was perusing websites for the perfect grey, white and yellow outfit for a creative working girl.

The outfit

grey and yellow bloazer

Knit blazer from the Gap

Aurora chiffon blouse, Ruche

Chiffon blouse from Ruche


Necklace from Ruche

Velvet skinnies

Velvet skinny jeans from the Gap

kitten heels

Kitten heels from LuLus

Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between casual and professional. This should do it for those of us in a creative work environment or maybe even going job interview at places like that (me!).

I also enjoy these pairs of pants, one of which is more professional and the other of which wouldn’t fly at most offices, but they are adorable.

This post was brought to you by coffee. The inspiration began at a coffee shop and I wrote it in two sittings with a cup by my side. Ain’t it grand?

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