Exploring Laguna Beach


To start off, I would like to share some pictures of Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places in the world. Okay, I haven’t traveled a whole lot and I’ve never been outside of North America. Laguna is beautiful though and I’m sure I would love it even if I traveled the whole world over.





My grandma had relatives who lived in the coastal city of Laguna. She traveled here many, many times from her childhood home in Eagle Rock, which is a city in Northeast Los Angeles. It always makes her so happy to visit and it makes me so happy to go with her. One of the cool things about going with my grandma is that she points out things I wouldn’t notice and she has her own routine for visits. I took the photos above last Thursday when I went to Laguna with my grandma and aunt. It was my first time taking photos with my DSLR (or big camera as I often call it).

After looking back at the pictures, I regretted not taking a few of the city and not just the beach. Getting pictures of the beach was a nice challenge, especially because it was so foggy. I actually loved the fog. My aunt and I had fun seeing the tide pools as my grandma watched from up above.

By the way, there are a few more photos on my Flickr. :)

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