Christmas fireplace

Merry Christmas

Christmas fireplace

Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or some other holiday, hopefully you are enjoying time off and resting up before the new year.

I’m excited to be back into blogging, but I’ll try to give myself a break and not post too much between now and the second week of January. I love Christmas and spending time with those I love. Ha! I just started and ended a sentence with love! How’s that for Christmas spirit?

Speaking of Christmas spirit, it can be hard to keep it up sometimes when I’m missing my dad. He died four years ago around Thanksgiving. For any of you who are missing someone around this time, I hope you are taking comfort in fond memories and enjoying spending time with loved ones.

I wrote a story called “Dealing With Grief During The Holidays” for HelloGiggles that I’m hoping is a comfort. It’s actually the first story I’ve ever submitted. All the other stories I’ve written have been for things associated with school, whether it be for a class, The Poly Post or my campus job at Gas Creative Group. My dad was a writer too, so I think he would like that I wrote about him, or at least wouldn’t mind.

My plans for the next few days are to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible. That kind of sounds funny, but I think I’m serious. I’m not sick of them yet and as long as they are here I want to love them like crazy.

Before the holidays really get started I need to clean my room. Then it’s walking the dogs, dinner time, church time and possibly going to my brother-in-law’s family’s house. Tomorrow we’ll open presents, see Saving Mr. Banks and have dinner at my house. All “the boys,” as we call mine and my sister’s significant others, will be over. Then it’s off to my boyfriend’s house to spend time with his family.

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you have fun.