What’s on my wish list

What's on my wishlist

This isn’t some kind of gift guide and I’m not suggesting you all by these things, but I thought I’d just share some things that are on my Christmas wishlist. I feel like this board pretty much says me in a nut shell. Books. Pink. Black. TV show reference. Cutesy, angsty stuff.

If you still need to shop for a hipster like me, definitely take these suggestions into account. Also, Humans of New York is good for anyone who loves humans and black sweatshirts are all always in style for all ages. Not all of these things are actually on the written list I made for my family and I may just treat my self to one of two after achieving something awesome, like getting that job I’ve been wanting.

1) Humans of New York book, 2) “Treat Yo Self” embroidery hoop, 3) Black Hoodie from Target , 4) Pink strappy shoe, 5) Hand drawn wooden heart brooch, 6) Rookie Yearbook 2