dot per inch


My friend Christian Soriano started a project called dot per inch, which I think is pretty amazing. CJ, as myself and most of his friends call him, is one of my coworkers at Gas Creative Group and one of the best photographers I know. In the past couple years he has been doing event and portrait photography, as well as videography. Through this project, he shows that every person we encounter in life is a unique individual made of of many experiences, similar to how a picture is made up of many small dots.

Here in his own words on the websites about page, CJ describes dot per inch.

I initially wanted to do a Stranger Portraits Project, but then I came across Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York which inspired me to try and make a stronger connection with those I photograph. So here I am now, working on a far more intimate photography project than what I had originally planned, Dot Per Inch (DPI). With each person I meet and photograph, I hope to share a little aspect about them, a “dot” if you will.

There is so much we can learn about the people around us, and I hope I can offer a peek into the lives of these people through DPI.

Please take a minute to check out his website. He’s off to a great start so far, but there are many more portraits and intimate chats to come. By the way, that’s me on the far right, in the middle row. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I would love to hear what you have to say. Leave me a comment and I'll try to write back soon.

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