Katy Perry appreciation post

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I’m proud to declare myself a Katycat. I’m not as big of a Katy Perry fan as other people I know, but I do like her.

There was this one summer I would watch a lot of music videos on YouTube while singing along, choreographing my moves, and altogether being a big dork. That was right around the time that “Hot and Cold” and “Kissed a Girl” were hot stuff.

Flash forward a few years and my guy and I are rocking out to Teenage Dream (the album) multiple times a week. We saw her 3D movie in theaters with our favorite couple soon after it came out. My most recent Katy Perry moment happened at my cousin’s wedding a few months ago when I got to dance with my grandma to “California Girls.” I told her the name of the song and she said, “That’s us.” I love her. She was refusing to dance at first so my uncle literally picked my grandma up and carried her to the dance floor. That made it all the more special.

I preordered Prism and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll have you know I have only preordered a few other things. Those things are: 1. The Gaslight Anthem’s third album “American Slang” and 2. Jhumpa Lahiri’s newest novel “The Lowland.” I’m a big fan of them as well.

Mindy fans, remember when that one pop culture snob told Mindy that her favorite singer is probably Katy Perry and she agreed? He tried to make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Well, I personally think it’s not at all. I love Katy Perry and at one point (way back in junior high) I was even super into John Mayer. Like who you like! The bands I like tend to have more depth, but there’s nothing wrong with falling for a pop princess.

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