I still love dress up

The older I get the more I love dressing up and playing dress up. As a kid, I was never all that into dressing up as a certain character. I preferred experimenting with fashions, such as seeing how a dress looked over jeans or wearing a baseball cap backwards. I had a “tomboy” phase, if you will. The older I get the more interested in fashion I’ve become and the more I see how fun it can be to dress up. I come up with outfits in my head without even thinking about it.

A few weeks ago I got to thinking of fun it would be if I styled my outfits after a different female tv show character for several days this month. I don’t want to limit myself to just dressing up on Halloween. That wouldn’t be enough! From there I came up with a list of ten female tv show characters I would love to dress up as.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Jess – New Girl
2. Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls
3. Anne Perkins – Parks and Rec
4. Tina Fey – 30 Rock
5. Lindsey Weir – Freaks and Geeks
6. Kerry Hennessy – 8 Simple Rules
7. Phoebe Bouffay – Friends
8. Hot Lips Houlihan – MASH
9. Lucy – I Love Lucy
10. Mindy Lahiri

Some are plausible, while others would be a little more difficult or even impossible. I actually ranked them in order or plausibility. For instance, being Jess is easy. I practically dress like her character every day. I also have big glasses, brownish hair and like to sing a lot. It would just take talking like Zoey and acting like Jess’ character for people to get that I’m in costume. I love Mindy Lahiri and I could style an outfit after her, but I couldn’t really be Mindy because I’m not Indian or brown at all.

Possibly the easiest an most recognizable character would be Phoebe. I unfortunately don’t have long blond hair, but I do have medium length blondish hair. For Phoebe I would just wear a long skirt or dress, pile on the jewelry and carry around my beat up guitar with me, whilst playing badly.

I plan to try out at least three of these looks and post them on this here blog. Wish me luck! It’s been tough since my computer and my sister’s stopped working recently. I’ll make it happen though.

Happy (early) Halloween!

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