Solo photo adventure

I probably shouldn’t be writing this. I probably should be writing a lot of other things, such as my assignments that are due later today. But I just wanted to very quickly share some pictures that I took on Sunday afternoon. For Photoshop class, the assignment was to take 45 pictures over the weekend. I ended up taking about 200, many of which were repeats as I tried to get the right shot. It’s getting easier with practice though. In class yesterday my professor was explaining what ISO to use depending on the lighting situation. I was trying not to use too high of an ISO, but in some cases I bumped it up too much and ended up with noise. Oops! Now I won’t make that mistake again.



At first I was just taking photos in my own yard. That was okay, but it was pretty same old, same old. By the way, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on here that I have cats. The photo above is of my cat Simba. We’ve had him since I was in fourth or fifth grade. I can’t even remember which any more. I named him. Also, The Lion King is my favorite movie ever. Now you know.



Once I moved past my own house and bothered to walk to a nearby park things really got interesting. It was quite an adventure and I was loving it. It almost felt like meditation. Although from these two photos it looks like the park was empty, that wasn’t the case. There were a lot of kids looking exploring the water, searching for fishes. There actually were some tiny fish. People were playing basketball on the court and kids were climbing the jungle gym, but I mostly kept to myself. I’ll have to come back to that spot for outfit posts. That could be so much fun!

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