Back to school


These photos are from last Thursday, my first day of school for fall quarter, yet I’m just now putting them up. I’ve been fairly busy and decided to let myself relax. Thursday, Friday and Saturday went by fast. Today I let glide by a little more slowly. I don’t want to get stressed out since it’s still barely the beginning of the quarter, but I also have to stay on my toes since the 10 weeks in a quarter system go by super quick. Pretty soon I will be done with my classes and saying good bye to the school. Of course I will come back to visit. It will just be so strange to be done with classes after all this time. Even after I graduate, I know I’ll come to participate in my favorite Cal Poly Pomona traditions.

Most of my favorite traditions are in fall at the start of the school year. One of them, the BroncoFusion concert, just happened last Friday. Actually, to be honest, it wasn’t really one of my favorite events until then. Even though this year is my fifth year as a student at CPP, last Friday only marked my second time attending the annual beginning of the year event. The first time was because I was promoting The Poly Post, the student newspaper, the year I was news editor. This time it was because I was interviewing students and the artists for videos for my job with ASI. Just thinking about my involvement with both of those things and the memories from both events makes me smile.

It was really fun getting to interview the artists for BroncoFusion. They were all rap/ hip-hop artists. I know very little about that genre of music. I’m more of an indie and pop girl myself. But these guys were nice, I did my research and although I was nervous it ended up okay. I’m super thankful for the people I work with who also kept their cool and made it fun. I’ll be posting my coverage of the event and interviews on my company’s blog soon. Once the videos are up I’ll share them here.

Speaking of people I work with, BroncoFusion reminded my boyfriend and I how two years ago we were at the event to promote The Poly Post together back before we started dating. That night I actually stuck by him while avoiding a guy I had dated the spring before. I swear, it’s funny how things change. Now I couldn’t imagine spending CPP traditions with any one else. We already promised each other that we’ll have to keep coming back for Dia de Los Muertos and the Pumpkin Patch.


It’s so good to be back in school and have it finally be fall, even if it’s not quite fall weather yet. As I said, I’m looking forward to all the fall traditions at CPP. I’m also glad to be back in classes. Last year I found myself saying “Most of my friends have graduated already” a lot since my close friends from the newspaper graduated. I caught myself saying that again a few times last week, but I will try to stop. After all, I have two awesome co-workers whom I have known since last spring and there are two other great girls whom I have known slightly longer. My co-workers are younger than me, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The other girls are on staff in my magazine class. Actually, my friend Meaghan took these pictures right before our class.

All of my classes seem like they are going to be amazing. I’m super excited. They seem like they will be fairly easy, which makes me wonder if I should try to add just one more. I’m taking Organizational Behavior (my first business class, yay!), Photoshop (WAY EXCITING), Yoga and Meditation (should be good) and Magazine Practices (an adventure, for sure). I’m wishing that I could stay in school longer, stretch it out and even do a minor. If I could I would have a tough time deciding between a minor from the college of Business or a minor in Ethnic and Women’s Studies. I’ve also contemplated getting a certificate to teach English as a second language. I do know that even when I’m not in school I want to be always learning. Life is a continual journey of knowledge in an d out of the classroom.

Hat: Handed down from my oldest sister, Dress: Dee-Lux, Boots: Borrowed from middle sister

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