New York playlist

Tuesday Tunes: Trying New Things

Happy Tuesday!

More than ever, I’ve been inspired by those around me. I’m finding inspiration everywhere, especially from other creative types. One such person is a cute cousin of mine. (Maybe I shouldn’t say his name on here. After all, I didn’t get permission to share this little bit.) He recently moved to New York to pursue modeling. Although I have mixed feelings about modeling, I am proud of him for making moves. He is pursuing a goal after being with the same agency for more than a year and moved to New York because it has more opportunity than Los Angeles.

This playlist is for him, but it’s also for you my lovely readers. Imagine being in the Big Apple with me. It’s okay if you’ve never been there. I have yet to go too. We can pretend!

I embedded my Spotify playlist “New York I Love You,” but just in case that doesn’t work you can also see the list below.

Song ——————————————–Artist

Saddr Weirdr———————————Bomb the Music Industry


I Love It—————————————–Icona Pop

Don’t Look Back —————————-She & Him

Paris Nights/New York Mornings—–Corrine Bailey Rae

Take Back The Night ———————–Justin Timberlake

Fake Empire ———————————–The National

New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down—-LCD Soundsystem

Summer In The City ———Regina Spektor

Empire State of Mind——–Alicia Keys

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