Last day of summer

summer oufit

Yesterday was the last day of summer, so I wore one of my most summer-y dresses and my guy and I had a little photo session. We pretended to be models, but really we’re both just big goofballs. We had fun with it and now I’m confident that outfit posts will become a semi-regular thing. I need to practice taking photos and it could benefit him to do the same. He’s an awesome photographer, but even the best must continue to practice. Besides, it’s fun! I’ve been shooting in manual ever since I got my DSLR Canon about a month and a half ago. Thankfully I know a good amount of photographers that can help me out, including my guy.

IMG_0787 attempt at model pose

We shot these pictures at the Claremont Colleges. We were actually just on one campus, but I’m not sure which one. Earlier, we had walked around downtown Calremont. It’s one of our favorite places to go. We wandered around Rhino Records, had ice cream at Bert and Rocky’s and I got new clothes at this cute re-sale clothing shop that recently opened called Dee-Lux.

There were a lot of freshman walking around downtown who seemed to be on some kind of scavenger hunt. Stores were handing out free stuff for those kids. It made me think back to my freshman year of college, four years ago, which seems so long ago now. My last quarter in college will start this Thursday. It will be good to go back, but I’m also looking forward to being done.

Outfit details
Erin: Dress and shoes / Target
Paul: Shirt/ Wranglers, Jeans / Levis, Shoes / Vans

Happy fall everyone. It’s time to turn over a new leaf and embrace the colder weather.

5 thoughts on “Last day of summer

  1. I don’t think the temperature will change all of a sudden. I’m pretty sure you can still wear that pretty dress again during the next week too. :)

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