My dog Max

My dog Max

My dog Max

Have you ever been ungrateful for a special gift in your life, but then learned to love it more than you thought possible? That kind of happened to me.

When this adorable, crazy, hyper Jack Russell Terrier first wandered into my front yard I honestly couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Now I would hate to lose him and I think he’s pretty found of me too. He won’t go to our bedroom for bedtime without me. So, as I write this he’s looking at me with sleepy eyes, wagging his tail. He’s probably wondering if I’m almost wrapping things up. In fact, that’s a usual occurrence for him.

tired dog My dog Max

Max followed my dad to our house while he was out for a walk. It was right around Thanksgiving in 2008, my senior year of high school. I was still heartbroken over the death of another dog, my childhood best friend Cookie. She came into my life when I was two years old and passed away when I was 16 years old. I wasn’t ready for another dog.

My family was a bit divided on the idea. My mom said she didn’t want another dog again, ever. They make messes. My oldest sister didn’t seem quite sure. My middle sister and my dad, however, fell in love right away.

We put up lost and found signs and no one claimed him. So, I even made an announcement about having a stray dog and asked if anyone would want to keep him. A girl said yes. I told my dad and he freaked out a little bit. He was already attached. Thankfully, when I told the girl she said her dad wanted a different breed of dog any way. It took me a few months before I was won over by Max, but once I was, we became BFFs.

My dog Max My dog Max

It really is true what they say. A dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend. He’s a bit of a needy friend, but I’m okay with that. Sometimes I wonder how good his memory is and how much of an influence I have had on him. For instance, my boyfriend says Max makes some of the same facial expressions as me. Is that possible?

My dog Max
My dog Max
My dog Max

We have gone through some tough times together but he has stuck by my side, literally! For that I am grateful. In fall of 2009 my dad passed away. Max was a great comfort. Later that year, my older sister adopted a dog. The next year it was my middle sister’s turn. Max started out getting saved by my dad and was considered a family dog. Over the years, he has become my best dog friend and that has been a great comfort.

My dog Max

Above: Max and Mia (oldest sister’s dog), Below: Max and Penny (middle sister’s dog)

My dog Max

It’s funny how things change.

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