My weekend (in a ramble)

My eyes are twitching and I’m super tired. But I have to write something. My fingers feel like they have been itching to type all day, even though I wrote earlier at my day job. Well, today I had a long meeting and didn’t do much blog writing. I mostly edited a coworker’s story, which only involved a little bit of writing.

After getting a some inspiration from reading a lot of other blogs, I told myself that I really need to be real on here. So, let me tell you about my weekend. Unfortunately, I barely took any pictures. I forgot to take my DSLR with me places, but did moan about not having it with me enough times to make up for it. None of the pictures on my iPhone did it justice. I really need to get better at taking photos. But for now I have my words.

Sunday was Paul’s sister’s birthday. In the morning I had breakfast with his parents, sister and her boyfriend at a super yummy small Mexican diner that has French dishes too, like crepes and omlettes. I want to eat there every day for the rest of my life. It was that good. Maybe I’ll find a way to do a restaurant review of it. After our meal, the parents split up from the younger crowd. We wandered around an antique shop for a good hour. We cam back to the house and lounged around for a bit.I watched more Parks and Rec because I’m slightly obsessed.

Then one of Paul’s sister’s friends came over and we drove of to LA where our first stop was Olvera Street. While my guy and I were walking around, I asked him “What are your favorite places in the world that you’ve been to?” He thought for a moment. “London, New York, I guess LA…” and drifted off before coming up with others. “But what about more specifically,” I prodded him. He didn’t get what I meant, so I told him mine. My favorite place in LA hands down has got to be Olvera Street. My favorite place in the world is my Grandma Donna’s house. My favorite place on campus is this certain bench my boyfriend and I would meet at last fall before a class we had together. My other favorite places are Laguna, California and Boise, Idaho. He understood then and told me his specific places too.

The rest of the night I was a sleepy one. We ate too much candy and yummy food causing me to fall asleep later when we watched The Breakfast Club on an inflatable screen at LA State Historic Park. (That’s the same park where FYF was by the way.) I fell asleep curled up on a blanket laid down on dirt next to a few of my favorite people and a fairly large crowd of strangers. How could I fall asleep? It was a good movie. I think I just felt so peaceful.

It was beautiful. I hope to do it all again sometime.

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