Serendipity and fate

I’m pretty sure serendipity is a real thing. Sometimes it seems like certain people are just meant to cross paths. Maybe once we meet someone one time we’re almost more likely to meet that person again.

As I wrote that above paragraph I was sitting by a lady named Laurie, who I met about a month ago. We met at a bus stop on the corner of my college campus and today to my surprise she came walking back into my view while I was sitting around reading a collection of short stories, waiting to start work. She came through the bookstore building with her blue bike by her side, the two of us instantly recognizing each other.

When I met her last I was on my way from Pomona all the way to Santa Monica by public transportation. She asked me how I was getting there and let me know of a better route. That kindness, her openness, shows and I can see what a sweet genuine person she is but unfortunately she seems to have a hard life. The first time I saw her she let me know that she’s trying to go out to Colorado to see her kids. Today she told me that she probably won’t see them soon because of complicated things with custody and the fact he has been abusive to her. Hopefully things get better.

I’m not quite sure why we were meant to meet, but something tells me we were. It was a serendipitous moment- a happy surprise- for me. She gave me a little bit of hope and I would like to think I did the same for her. Laurie is just so easy to talk to. She does most of the talking actually, but doesn’t mind my questions, nor do I mind hers.

Maybe I’ll see her around again, or maybe not. Only time will tell.

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