Winter wishlist

1.Floral infinity scarf- Target 2. Touchscreen glove- Urban Outfitters  3. Zip up sweatshirt from American Apparel 4. Ferris Wheel iPhone Case on Etsy5. Xavier Rudd Spirit Bird vinyl on SideOneDummy6. Pumpkin Spice Hat on ModCloth 7. Auburn Brigade Tights- ModCloth

Just a little while ago I sent my sister my Christmas wish list after she gave me hers. I’m a little low on winter items and the rest are just desires. Some how all the scarves I used to own and a few pairs of gloves have gone missing. That may have something to do with my moving twice last year. It’s getting colder all the time in California, so I’m going to need some help keeping warm. I’ve been wanting a good sweatshirt, even though that’s not that fashionable. I’m also wanting a new iPhone case, since mine is getting scratched. Records, beanies and tights are always much appreciated.
My wishlist:

1. Woven Floral Infinity Scarf– Target

2. Basic Touchscreen Glove– Urban Outfitters

3.  Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie– American Apparel

4. iPhone Case with Santa Monica Beach design– YoungSwanDesigns on Etsy

5. Xavier Rudd- Spirit Bird LP vinyl– SideOneDummy

6. Pumpkin Spice Cake Hat– ModCloth

7. Auburn Brigade Tights– ModCloth
Also, I got this dress and these pants Saturday night at H &M and I love them. I’ll be sure to post a picture up of me wearing the dress, soon, especially because I plan to wear it on Thanksgiving.

Striped Dress- H&M          Pink Pants- H&M

What are you looking forward to this winter?
P.S. I totally got this idea from Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and their window shopping series. Their blog is my favorite. If only I could put together an awesome photo collage like them, that would be the best.

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