Max on our walk

Simple Sunday Snapshots: Unexpected adventures

Happy weekend! This has been a good relaxing couple of days and the fun is continuing for me tonight as I am going to my grandparents house for Father’s Day. I hope you all are having a good Father’s Day too and celebrating any of the important father figures in your life.

I like to think of many things as adventures. Every day has potential for adventures. Thinking of little things as adventures makes it twice as fun. Sometimes the thing in question isn’t fun in the first place, so thinking of it as adventure or mission at least makes it easier to get through. Well, from Friday to today, there were plenty of planned and unexpected adventures in my life.



Max on our walk
My dog Max was all tired out
Ice cream with fresh blackberries

1. At the Dodger’s vs. White Sox game last night, I decided baseball is pretty awesome and the Dodgers rock. I have never been a big baseball fan, but the game convinced me even though our boys in blue lost. My older sister’s boyfriend was going to go, but he got sick so I used his ticket. The unexpected trip was really fun. In the morning I had been thinking about going to Make Music Pasadena with some friends, but the game with family was very nice instead. My uncle took my sister and I on a tour of part of the stadium and got as shirts at the top of the park store. I’m wearing mine in the picture my sister took on her phone after I told her of my decision to declare myself a Dodgers fan.

2. My sweet mama made a mango smoothie for my two older sisters, aunt and me this morning. Then it was off to the Claremont Farmers and Artisans Market. My sisters, aunt, mom and I walked around picking out fresh produce. I got a big bunch of fresh cilantro for the fish tacos I’m planning to make on Wednesday.

3. After the Farmer’s Market, my cute Jack Russell Terrier Max and I went on a long walk around our neighborhood in Covina. That was an unexpected adventure! I still don’t quite know the neighborhood, so I accidentally took a longer trip than I thought I would. We were just slightly lost.

4. My mom, aunt and I ate ice cream with fresh blackberries from the Farmers Market after I got back from walking Max. That was a sweet treat!

There are no pictures to show of this, but on Friday my boy and I went to Newport and Balboa beach and listened to the mix cd I shared here. That was so nice! At night his sister went with us to Bruxie, which is this amazing gourmet waffle sandwich place. We went to the one in Orange, but there are also locations in Rancho Santa Margarita and Brea. If you live in Orange County (or somewhere nearby) you have got to try it. This time I got a Nutella and banana waffle sandwich with a Pete’s Coffee caramel latte. It was my second time and it was so delicious! I have been recommending it to all my friends and family.

I hope you has a wonderful weekend too!

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